Führungskraft, Coach und Trainerin Dr. Viktoria Leonhard erzählt von ihrem Werdegang.


Coaching is my passion

My heart beats for coaching, and leadership experience has guided my career path.

As a coach and trainer, I work within various industries at different hierarchical levels. Simultaneously, I am an executive in a DAX-40 company in the financial sector. I am well versed in the challenges executives and their teams face, and I understand the complexities of organization structures.

I combine my extensive training and education, with many years of leadership experience, to create a unique consulting approach. With this advantage, I support teams and individuals in reflecting on themselves and unlocking new potential.

I received my PhD from the Department of Psychology at the Technical University of Munich. I hold a diploma in business administration and a master’s degree in organizational development.

I also share my knowledge as a lecturer at various universities. Some of these universities include the Universities of Münster and Osnabrück, the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

As a native of Hungary, I ventured out to Munich at a very early age. When I spend my free time on psychology, I prefer the lighter side of the topic. If my two young sons allow me the time, I get lost in crime novels and psychological thrillers.

“I thrive on enabling
people to exceed
their expectation
 of themselves.


  • Doctorate at the Department of Psychology – Technical University of Munich
  • Diploma in Management & Technology – Technical University of Munich
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Development – Kaiserslautern University of Technology
  • Systemic Business Coach
  • Systemic Consultant (SG)
  • Systemic Organizational Developer (DGSF)
  • Organizational Consultant (Hephaistos)
  • Team Coach (Hephaistos)
  • Trainer for Experiential Teaching Methods (Metalog)
  • Agile Coach (IHK)


Dr. Viktoria Leonhards Beitrag über digitales Teamtraining im Dialog-Magazin der Hochschule Ludwigsburg.

Team training: Creating connection despite physical distance,
Dezember 2022

I shared my experiences on digital team training with Dialog – the magazine of the Ludwigsburg University of Public Administration and Finance. Background: I am a lecturer at the university and thus always have the opportunity to share new impulses to the professionals of tomorrow, and provide much needed inspiration.

Dr. Viktoria Leonhard hat für das Buch "99+1 Warm-ups für den digitalen Raum" zwei Ideen beigesteuert und stellt sie vor.

Digital Warm-up : Warming up
for digital collaboration,
november 2022

Warm-up exercises have their fixed – and justified – place in sports. Warm-ups are also a really good idea in the digital space. Anyone who has ever sat in a video call with mostly unfamiliar people will certainly remember how agonizing the atmosphere and silence can be, especially at the beginning. After all, the usual informal getting-to-know-you over coffee is omitted.

Dr. Viktoria Leonhard hat für das Buch "99+1 Warm-ups für den digitalen Raum" zwei Ideen beigesteuert und stellt sie vor.

That's my job : MY CAREER
Juni 2022

For the career podcast of TU Munich, my academic home, I gave an interview about how to master your own first leadership role. I myself led employees for the first time at a relatively young age, which was of course a very exciting experience for me. For even more insights and some useful tips, check out this article.


Dr. Viktoria Leonhard im Interview mit herCAREER über hybrides Arbeiten.


Mai 2022

I spoke with herCAREER about this forward-looking topic. The fact that hybrid working and, in particular, hybrid teams are more than just a side effect of Covid has long been apparent. After all, the advantages are obvious.

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