Resolving Conflicts Constructively

How to manage relationships
when tension is encountered
in the workplace


In our everyday professional life, we are confronted with a multitude of conflicting interests. Tensions are therefore unavoidable. On the one hand, this creates stress and costs energy and time, but on the other hand they offer the opportunity for development and relationship building. From this point of view, the effective handling of conflicts, is motivating and enriching.

My workshop on conflict management provides in-depth knowledge to the subject area. You will be given the tools to reflect on your own behavior in critical situations, learn typical conflict patterns and receive effective tools to create workable solution strategies.


  • Reflecting on your own conflict behavior
  • Learning how to deal with conflicts constructively
  • Developing conflict strategies for challenging situations
  • Preparing and structuring critical discussions
  • Turning conflict situations into a growth and learning exercise
  • Getting personal feedback on your conversation style


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Executives
  • Specialists
  • Agile Coaches


  • Theory inputs from a professional
  • Individual and small group work
  • Plenary discussions
  • Experience-oriented learning projects
  • Role-play
  • Collegial consultation
  • Feedback exchange

What to expect


Tools and tips that can be immediately implemented


Content delivered in an interactive and lively manner


Shared experiences with participants and trainer


Analyzing of personal cases from everyday situations


Trying out new ideas in an interactive and protected space


A bouquet bursting with new approaches and methods

Customer Testimonials

Linguist, WWU Münster
Anna lobt das Seminar "Konflikte konstruktiv lösen" von Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Anna B.

“The seminar was very professionally delivered. Theory and practical units were presented alternately, combined with each other and then directly reinforced in small practice groups. This meant that you could immediately try out what you had learned in practice. In addition, I learned a lot about myself during the seminar. Extremely helpful and enriching!”

Research Assistant,
TU Darmstadt
Patrick lobt das Seminar "Konflikte konstruktiv lösen" von Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Patrick P.

“I liked the very comfortable group atmosphere, as well as the mixture between theory and application in small groups. I would have liked the workshop to be one day longer, in order to deepen and consolidate the contents and methods covered.”

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