Coach und Trainerin Dr. Viktoria Leonhard zeigt in ihrem Seminar, wie Mitarbeitergespräche zum Managementinstrument werden.

Employee Appraisals As A Management Tool

Effective management through constructive discussion


Employee appraisals is one of the most powerful management tools and therefore plays a central role in the relationship with your staff. Employees learn how they are perceived, what goals they are pursuing and what is expected of them. The professional relationship between manager and team member is addressed in the conversation. This exchange includes giving and receiving feedback and defining the parameters for mutual success.

In this seminar, you will learn which communicative principles need to considered, and how you can prepare and successfully conduct employee appraisals in a goal-oriented manner.


  • Understanding optimal preparation and structure of appraisal meetings
  • Getting to know effective discussion and communication techniques
  • Giving and taking constructive feedback
  • Learning to avoid typical traps and mistakes in communication
  • Practicing flexible and authentic communication with participants
  • Developing strategies to deal with difficult conversation topics


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Executives
  • Specialists
  • Agile Coaches


  • Theory inputs from a professional
  • Individual and small group work
  • Plenary discussions
  • Experience-oriented learning projects
  • Role-play
  • Collegial consultation
  • Feedback exchange

What to expect


Tools and tips that can be immediately implemented


Content delivered in an interactive and lively manner


Shared experiences with participants and trainer


Analyzing of personal cases from everyday situations


Trying out new ideas in an interactive and protected space


A bouquet bursting with new approaches and methods

Customer Testimonials

PhD Student in Biology, TU Darmstadt
Dominique lobt das Seminar "Mitarbeitergespräche als Führungsinstrument" von Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Dominique T.

“Viktoria managed to combine professionalism and empathy in her delivery. This created an atmosphere of community and allowed an open and honest exchange with intensive self-reflection. While engaging in different exercises, I was able to experience new perspectives opening up, that I had not considered before.”

Master's Student in Industrial Engineering
and Management,
HS Furtwangen
Karolin lobt das Seminar "Mitarbeitergespräche als Führungsinstrument" von Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Karolin G.

“The seminar with Viktoria was a lot of fun. I was able to practically apply her teachings in session, due to the well thought out structure of the seminar. Viktoria’s open manner made me feel at ease immediately, which also made room for me to address personal concerns.”

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