Coach und Trainerin Dr. Viktoria Leonhard bietet Seminare, Teamcoaching und Keynote Speaking an.

Team Coaching

Reflecting on cooperation,
making room for transformation
and successfully initiating change

Mit einem Teamcoaching bei Dr. Viktoria Leonhard kann ein Team zueinander finden.

For whom is
team coaching

Whether you have a newly formed team that is still finding their way or an established group, team coaching will have a positive impact in both constellations.

It is equally suitable for teams in classic organizational structures, for project teams and for agile teams.


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New Work

The ever-evolving digital world of work presents new problems for teams and employees, almost daily. It is possible to learn how to manage these challenges. My role is to support you and your team in overcoming these issues.

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Agile working methods

Increased innovation pressure and change, make flexibility and reaction of staff essential success factors. Together with you and your team, we develop suitable ways to use agile working methods for constant innovation and complexity reduction. In this way, you further strengthen the personal responsibility and self-direction of your team.

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Hybrid working world

Virtual teamwork meant a radical change. To ensure that collaboration remains at a high level, we discuss the special features and success factors of virtual and hybrid teamwork models. From my investigation, we develop measures, structures and rules specific to your situation.

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A goal-oriented review offers invaluable insight for future cooperation. I offer your team methods to promote learning processes. This reinforces the self-direction of teams, specialists and experts.

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Conflict moderation

When people work together, there is always potential for conflict. To ensure that challenging personal issues do not interfere with the professional goal, I accompany your team in addressing conflicts constructively and resolving them satisfactorily.

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Clarification of responsibilities

Clear roles and responsibilities of team members are important to ensure successful functioning collaborations. Together, we clarify interests, task assignments and responsibilities within the team.

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Goal-oriented communication

Cooperation requires both respectful communication and guidelines to implement an open discussion culture within the team, which we will develop together. This will transition your team to work together smoothly even in difficult times.


Getting to know each other

We get to know each other personally - We ascertain our first impressions of each other, to assess the chemistry and the content fit for the collaboration, and whether it has a future.

Clarification of the assignment

Then, we clarify the findings, set goals and define the topics to be addressed in the team coaching. I provide you with an initial proposal for discussion.

Taking Stock

Depending on your team set-up, I conduct individual or small group interviews. I understand how you and the team feel about the existing situation. I establish what continues to work well and where there is potential for improvement.


Together we define what should be different at the end of the process and what indicators we use to measure the success of the coaching. We approach this by agreeing on the duration of the team coaching, and the selection of methods and techniques.

Towards the finish line

In this phase, it is important to make the jointly defined goals achievable. I use a wide range of methods and apply them flexibly and appropriately to the situation at hand i.e. Interviews, workshops and retrospectives.

At the finish line

Finally, we conduct a combined assessment to ascertain the success of the measures put in place. To ensure that these measures remain sustainable, you will make sure that the new methods are adopted and firmly anchored in everyday work.

Customer Testimonials

Head of Sales Management, Allianz
Stephanie empfiehlt das Teamcoaching bei Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Stephanie S.

“Viktoria is born to coach. She pulls the appropriate coaching method out of her hat for every occasion. Viktoria moderates even the most difficult situations in heterogeneous teams in a polite and empathetic manner. I can unreservedly recommend working with her as a team coach, both personally and professionally.”

Managing Partner,
Digital Quality GmbH
Guido K.

Dr. Leonhard supported me on the path of my own transformation with regard to a start-up project and was able to show me some new and goal-oriented perspectives through her professional background as a manager and her very pleasant personal manner.”

Consultant, Allianz
Verena empfiehlt das Teamcoaching bei Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Verena K.

“Viktoria manages to quickly create a room for an open exchange through her authentic manner. Her feedback is consistently valuable, challenging to a healthy degree and encouraging.”

PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering,
TU Darmstadt
Lara äußert sich positiv nach ihrem Coaching bei Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Lara K.

“Viktoria led our team coaching, with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Her openness and warmth created a pleasant and safe atmosphere, and encouraged us all to open up and share personal experiences as well!”

Business Development Managerin, Allianz
Stefanie empfiehlt das Teamcoaching bei Dr. Viktoria Leonhard.
Stefanie S.

“With creative and modern approaches to solutions, she managed to respond to each participant individually. Viktoria has sustainably helped me to build on my strengths. We, as a team have grown together professionally and personally thanks to her help.”

PhD Student, Haass Lab
Marvin R.

“Viktoria designed a coaching session that was tailored to our team. Her competence and experience combined with her empathy created a very workable and trusting environment. Everyone was engaged and we will be very happy to work with Viktoria again in the future.”

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